Conference Play

I love the yearly SCBWI Carolinas Conference. This year, with a diversity theme, especially fired me up. The sessions were helpful and encouraging. My crits went very well with great feedback both helpful suggestions and glowing praise. The keynote by Kelly Starling Lyons truly inspired me. I came home with a prioritized to-do list and plenty of motivation to do.

But soon after I returned home, soccer season for the kids amped up. My daughter and son both added sports, one of my work partners had to leave unexpectedly, and more rejections started to roll in. My resolve to rewrite sections wavered, and I changed gears on which novel idea to pursue.

In short, I got the post-conference blues.

In my limited experience, writers are mostly a dreamy bunch. When we get slapped back to reality, it can be a little harder to get that inspiration going again. That’s why I’m grateful for a few folks who’ve given me a boost back onto the writing saddle (even if I haven’t managed to giddy-up and gallop yet).

My critique group keeps me thinking about writing, and their work inspires me. My family and friends give me space, and provide endless source material. And I’m lucky to have my day job, which constantly reminds me who and what I’m writing for. Not for my ego (OK maybe a little), nor some writing ideal, nor to entertain solely (though I do want to entertain), not to preach (happens accidentally sometimes).

I’m writing for kids, but I’m also writing for the kid I was, could have been, am, and will be.